How It Works

Working together is more challenging than ever. Information is fragmented, people are spread out, and keeping everyone in the same page takes way too much time.
These days it's di­cult to maintain an on-site infrastructure that is able to host and run a ‑exible, secure, and scalable document management system that meets all required IT standards including compliance and regulation needs. The overhead can be costly and drive space can fill up quickly.
The need of the hour is a single platform that connects les, devices, and teams. So no matter where you are in the world it's easy to move projects forward.

That's where JOUD Drive steps in.

  • JOUD Drive is a next generation cloud-based Secure File system that serves as a ‑exible and secure platform providing file sharing access and collaboration tools consistent with easy-to-use user experience.
  • JOUD Drive services offers accessibility from any device over Internet. It can maximize productivity with easy access, sharing large files and automatic file locking for offline access.
  • JOUD Drive is built with the space and security your business needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! User identities and authorizations become location and device independent.

Yes. Data is encrypted before it is transmitted. And the transmission is further encrypted.


No and yes. Software isn't compliant by itself. Compliance is awarded to an installation. We provide the technologies to support compliance.

Yes! JOUD Drive detects high frequency access to large

Yes. Integration with tools like Symantec Endpoint Protection prevents any endpoint from uploading files infected with viruses.

Yes. The impact of any successful attacks are further mitigated by versioning technology that allows any user to easily recover earlier file versions.

Yes. Admins can look up user devices to remotely wipe company data.

Yes. We take precaution like token based authentication to maximize device security.

Yes. Mobile devices can be used to create tokens that are combined with a username and password for stronger authentication.

Yes. JOUD Drive can create Team Folders which are analogous to file shares.

Yes. You can share with anyone who has an email address. Administrators control sharing policies which decide how much a user is allowed to share.

Yes. We can migrate existing permissions or create new ones.



Yes. We will convert your attachment to a link and send the file without using the email servers that have limits.

Yes. Large file transfer management is delivered this way.

This is prevented by file locking. Our native drivers can detect write requests which generate a lock on the file. Only one user can modify the file at any given time.

Yes. Even with file locking, conflicts can occasionally occur when users go offline. These conflicts can be resolved using JOUD Drive's version management.

Yes. Just login with your existing credentials to automatically leverage existing security.

Yes, you can mark any file or folder to make it available offline.

Yes and you don't need a VPN. You can even configure your file server as cloud storage if you don't want to move your data off-premise.

Yes. Sync on Demand saves storage and bandwidth.


Yes. Users get a drive on their desktop that works the way they expect.

Yes, but our mapped drives don't use WebDav. They use nativefile system drivers so they work exactly the same as native drives.


No, you can access it from your mobile device whether it's in the cloud or on premise.